HARI Ecovan Cultivates Young As Nature’s Sentry


Haribon Foundation recently launched its mobile learning sessions at public elementary schools in Metro Manila through the HARI Ecovan. The HARI Ecovan, which was donated to Haribon Foundation by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. and HARI Foundation, Inc., is a library and multimedia center conveniently rolled into one van that can be easily transferred from school to school. This personalized Hyundai H-100 van features a closed compartment that can be opened on the side to reveal a small library, complete with a wide-screen TV, a built-in audio system, several reading materials, and learning toolkits.Training modules on the environment, especially on biodiversity conservation, have been incorporated to go hand-in-hand with the library and multimedia materials available.

The HARI Ecovan has visited five elementary schools so far, with its latest stops at Concepcion Elementary school in Marikina City last Sept. 4 and at Makati Elementary School in Makati City last Sept. 6 coinciding with the schools’ Science Month celebrations. A total 686 students from grades 5 and 6 attended the learning sessions for both schools, with the students participating in an interactive discussion on Philippine forests and biodiversity. Succeeding stops of the HARI Ecovan will be at elementary schools in Pasig City and Quezon City during the last week of September and in early October.

“Educating people, especially the youth, on the role everyone must play as stewards of the planet is key to environmental sustainability,” explained Ms. Agudo. “These HARI Ecovans follow through HARI Foundation’s environmental education advocacies, which centralize on learning and interactive activities that aim to raise responsible eco-citizens as well as future Filipino climate scientists and innovators who can help mitigate the problems caused by climate change.”
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Marvin Rey Espino

The Haribon Foundation



Haribon takes the lead in caring for nature with people – for the people.


Haribon is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment, and scientific excellence.


Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc. is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

The name Haribon was coined from Haring Ibon or the Philippine Eagle. It was so named because the existence of the king of birds is a perfect barometer of the state of our forests.


Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Haribon practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. Hatched in 1972, the organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

The niche of Haribon – developed over 40 years of scientific excellence and socio – economic research – is biodiversity conservation. The Foundation’s natural and social scientists continue to work with people from all levels of governance to develop sustainable resource management strategies.


The Rigidity of Few

All of us have emotions and dispositions that take their particular places. Some manifest their concern and love to the one who is deprived, while some on the contrary. Few evince the hope in their heart with determination and enthusiasm, unfortunately there are many who take life with bitterness, resentment and anger. Living a life of vigor was evident to some, but having lived for years with somberness and loneliness is apparent to the half. Others let their vices subjugate their mind and their life, but unknowingly wrecking their life more. Some fail to conquer their fear and anger oblivious enough to cause rage and vain between relation.

Those people who haven’t been enlightened with the true values of life are definitely difficult and hard to understand. Every time we meet people who are rigid, he may be suffering from bouts of difficult situation. One whom cannot just merely rely on someone’s perspectives but trying to find the solution on his own, or having been raised in a community of negativity and afar from normalcy, where values and knowledge are very few to conquer one’s mind. He could have been in a broken family—where a single parent is oblivious of raising a child of having such manner. There could be many motives why such people exist.

Whatever the reasons are, positive people must learn to tolerate and endure patiently those who have difficulties in comprehending and accompanying. They are maybe less oriented, hence, they must be accompanied with people of tolerable deep minds.

When collaborating with people of these qualities, one must look at a wider perspective. He must be calm in approaching or igniting the information so that that the latter would respond unruffled and in this case, he would be ashamed if he respond with slight anger knowing his recipient’s attitude toward him.

Next, understand the person’s purpose why such qualities are being shown every time. Maybe there are reasons behind why the person is reacting in a kind of manner. There are maybe outside forces for him to act in such way.

Building mutual relation with the person could be a big help. Since those people have someone to value, why not try to be on the list. At least you will be having a place to be empathize or to be a friend by the person. Try to be a friend for your colleague already. Don’t let the intricate world of formality walled he relationship. Have some time to talk personally (hobbies, families, lives e.g.). If this technique worked, rest assured that the person is highly confident of you making him nice and not the previous behavior.

“Respect begets respect.” Like this classic riddle highly suggest, it is better that you give the person the full respects he need so that you may be respected. He is may be in a situation you’ve never been and thus, respect must be given at the top of it.

If after any approach or means wasn’t materialized and in vain. Try to open the conversation with a higher authority. Maybe, this could open the recipients mind of what and how his/her behavior doing. The authority has now the power to force the difficulty of the person’s mind or behavior. And if this won’t work, you can do nothing but to ignore the person. After all, this is his/her decision, to stay in the course of his established manners and deeds.

The intricacies of life could be a generalized reason why there are difficult people—hard to understand and hard to be understood—but, same thing as above. Those people had undergone a situation too forceful in putting one’s notions, deeds, and behaviors in the edge of values. Thus, whatever the odds, that person must be given the same respect as everybody does. He is conducive in the present circle of life —the rigid. Retrospectively, that rigidity takes time to be honed and a diligent effort to efface the awful obnoxious behavior.








A Bleach of the Country: A reflection and social relevance in the play PAMANA

 Applauded, and greatly apprehended!

        The PAMANA musical theater had entailed with thousands of applause when they executed well of how a conglomeration of stern, somber, anger, anxiety and grim deprived the Philippines and the Filipinos of Marcos regime. It was such a great thing to encompass the whole theatre with an act to bring great respect, to dignify, and inculcate the memoir of the two great heroes of their time: Ninoy Aquino and Corazon Aquino. Retrospectively speaking, they are the one of hundreds of revolutionist that freed the Filipino people in the chains of dictatorship and in the insatiable greediness of the former leader.

        The musical instigated from the two protagonist molded by their own social status and their dominant time. Lola Corazon was at first a naïve street sweeper amused by the wonder of the noise in her sweeping place. She ponder things subtly long before she realized she’s in the middle of a great thing she should take part—the death of Ninoy Aquino. Everything apart from normalcy back then and extreme somber, wailing and hopelessness signaled the deliverance to a more profound revolution. It was the EDSA I and II.

       The latter protagonist, Tina, is more subjected to a venerable woman who brought back democracy what everyone is asking for. She is the courageous and religious spouse of Ninoy. Tita Cory, himself, is an emblem of a scale for she pioneered and prioritized justice and fairness to the masses: rich and poor, businessman and workers, landowners and peasants. Tina, on the other hand is naïve like her Grandmother, but she was able to bear the pain by taking part on that momentous yet depressing phase of the Aquino’s life—the death of Corazon Aquino.

        I could not definitely reprimand to the fact that the play was timely, timely enough to drizzle the draining knowledge of the present time regarding this matter. And that everyone should take part, not necessarily physically but mentally. It is something that is worth of prodding especially— we, the present generations, and the posterity that would take ourselves in and reflect it to our daily living and routine, in our daily actions and lifestyles. There should be no room for colonialism, plunders, biases, injustices and dishonesties, but most of all we should take part in the crusade of God against all evils and that we center God in all forms.

       In the same way that it has a good manner of interpreting the heroic accounts of Ninoy and Corazon, it appeals to the five senses making it sensible. From the beginning up to a forceful ending, it leaved trail to the common sense. The play is also typically informative yet creative and instantaneous in deliverance. Furthermore, it relate the generation of the present time and its modernization. It also depicts a depository of low-spirited air of compassion and in contrast—extremeness or intense affection of the Filipino people for the mother land.

       Millions of people’s lives, ideals and perspectives have been affected in the wake of these previously said momentous happenings and the opportunities of watching a documentary musical play like this. To cite some were the revolutionary action that took place almost in every side of the Philippines as a cause of learning the relevance of freedom. Second, the Filipino people’s mindset is to behold their longing independence that is, at first, rightfully theirs. Lastly, an implanted lesson that the freedom we withhold now is not just a simple summary of fights but a product of shedding blood and as well as light to the truth of the government’s unexposed lies.

      What is the great relevance of it—socially, culturally, and morally? One thing is that it strived to denounce the ascending disorders and faults of the government. It also helped enhanced the stability and solidarity of the country to rightfully serve itself. It served as an everlasting devotion to help sustain the government and the people’s dire needs. Moreover, it deepen the values of the Filipinos by establishing great faith in the almighty and having faith and trust that sooner, people and tranquility will regain its jurisdiction. 

       It did arrive to my mind the question of what if the fight against dictatorship hadn’t   ended since then. It would be a huge dilemma to choose between the peace in your family or fight and bring peace to the country. However, answers would be set in your mind and imminently, thousands of death would be ascended to millions and place would be imbue with anger, hostility, resentment, and everything would be filled with rage. That, as if the country is embedded with a curse impossible to dispatch yet these are all possible nightmare we could face out there in an impound land.

       Literary aspects of the Philippines have been greatly affected by the dominant social status of the previous time, that’s why we must not waste taking chances to absorb this knowledgeable information on play, articles, debate and speech. By abridging, may this tool be a forceful bleach to fight against blemishes in the human mind.

       To set forth in a land of stained whiteness, one must bring with him a bleach to scrub and at least it would help lessen the tarnish of the clothing. Same goes with the flaw of our government and our nation, we should withhold and harness our treasured freedom and indelible knowledge to speak and act boldly and liberated to help descend the ascending impoverish quality of the Filipino people.